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Racism & Poverty – Charlotte Garnes, Pt 1

Episode Summary

Hey Change Maker!

Welcome to Week 3 of our Racism & Poverty series. This week my guest is Charlotte Garnes, an advocate, mentor, social change agent, and educator.

This is Part 1 of our conversation.

During the second half of the episode, we switch gears to talk about racist policies, punishments biased by racial differences, reflections on current race-related events, and white privilege. We end the show with suggestions for Dr. Zaria about how white allies can begin with education to get involved.

About Charlotte Garnes

Charlotte Garnes launched ReNforce, a nonprofit organization that compliments the labor force by administering tailored training and coaching to businesses and organizations that are looking to employ justice-involved individuals within their workforce. Charlotte also manages and operates Innovative Staffing Solutions whose responsibility is to staff and employ the underutilized workforce of justice-involved individuals. She organized the Dignity LeadHERship Alliance (DLA) collective of directly impacted women successfully experienced with informing policy through lived expertise that advocates for marginalized women internationally.

Advocate, mentor, social change agent, and educator, Charlotte’s most recent endeavor is the establishing and presenting her customized trainings and workshops focused on workforce development and successful re-integration for those formerly incarcerated or justice involved. It is her desire to assist individuals returning home from incarceration with more professional and wholesome opportunities to obtain employment, housing, and goals for self-sufficiency. Through her vision, Charlotte intends to use her focus and passion to shift the community’s perception associated with mass incarceration. Through her personal experience, she works to change the stigma and prejudices surrounding formerly incarcerated and/or the directly impacted.

About ReNforce

ReNforce provides training and coaching to businesses looking to hire system-impacted people to meet their workforce needs, while simultaneously providing unique training and professional development to improve employment outcomes for career-seekers.

Key Timestamps


What do poverty, racism, and oppression mean in your context?
4:52 – 9:04

Discussion of how missing people of color don’t receive the same media coverage and support as missing white people.
11:22 – 16:35

Discussion about racism, equality, and the difficult conversations black people have been forced to have in the areas of housing, finance, education, criminal justice, and the workplace.
17:00 – 23:17

How does racism affect employment opportunities for people of color?
23:18 – 31:09

Discussion about diversity, equity, and inclusion, and how formerly incarcerated people are often excluded from this business term.
31:10 – 34:39

Discussion about the labor shortage and how formerly incarcerated individuals are seeking opportunities to apply without their backgrounds interfering.
34:40 – 43:36

Discussion of how racism influences drug-related criminal convictions.
43:37 – 48:17


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