Building learning programs at the intersection of behavior, learning science, and technology.

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Anchored in cognitive science,

focusing on action-driven outcomes,

and utilizing the best in virtual reality technology,

Perspectives develops experiential learning programs that help teams and leaders become consciously inclusive through…

Individually tailored learning programs

Activities & Facilitated Group Discussions

Immersive Virtual Reality Experiences

Action oriented learning outcomes

From fortune 100 companies to schools and nonprofits, Perspectives works to partner with our clients’ inclusion goals through tailored learning programs.

Recent clients include…


Inclusive leadership IS good leadership.


The cost of business without inclusive leadership is steep.



Hiring a diverse team without an intentional inclusive culture leads to team member’s discomfort in bringing their authentic selves to work. This lack of belonging means retention will remain a costly challenge.


Loss Of

If teams do not feel the pyschological safety to be able to speak up with problems or take risks with new ideas,
organizations lose out on valuable insights and innovative breakthroughs.


Legal Action & Lawsuits

Legal action due to lack of inclusive cultural reinforcement and compliance issues with your team.



Loss of Market Share

If your team does not represent your target market there is a lack of insights for customer needs. Your customers will go to other brands where their needs are met.


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