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Fund A Scholarship –

Provide Entrepreneurial Training For A Woman In Need


One Time

A one time donation of $150 funds an entrepreneur in need to receive a scholarship to go through entrepreneurship training.

Short Term

Your scholarship funding provides 10-12 weeks of intentional training with a Partner Organization through a short term program.


You will receive the name photo, and at least one letter from the woman whose scholarship you fund.


The scholarship recepient will get hands on practical training from experienced leaders in their community. 

How Scholarships Work

We believe that the developing world is full of women with untapped and undeveloped potential for change. For many of these women, access to training and an opportunity or two is all they need to develop a sustainable income that transforms their family and community.

We partner with faith-based nonprofits working in vulnerable communities that provide entrepreneurship training through practical courses. Most of these partner organizations offer intensive training programs that last 10-12 weeks and give participants foundational learning for launching and leading a new business in their community.

Once you fund a scholarship, you will have the opportunity to write a short note of encouragement to the woman receiving your funding. Once our Partner Organization has matched your scholarship with a deserving entrepreneur, we’ll send you her name and photograph, as well as at least one letter of communication from her telling you about her business and experience.

Our goals are…

To empower individual women to overcome poverty by starting and growing a small business.

To partner with great Partner Organizations that have significant impact through short term training opportunities.

To provide a shorter-term & lower-investment opportunity for women to partner with the work of The Constellation Coalition

Are you ready to fund a scholarship? Check out the information below for current scholarship opportunities!

Current Scholarship Opportunity
2022 Giving Tuesday


New Zone 18 is a faith-based community development organization working to transform Zone 18 of Guatemala City. Zone 18 is the biggest zone of Guatemala City’s 22 zones with over 300,000 people living in this urban community. NZ18 is working to directly to impact their community – specifically the “red zones” considered high risk due to extreme poverty or violence. Their programs include facilitating job training and educational opportunities, healthcare access, housing projects, and access to capital for work within the community.

One of their primary programs is Emprende18 (Entrepreneurship 18) that helps people with business ideas in their community to develop it through a 12 week training that helps them complete the necessary work and gain the right tools to establish their new business.

Since their first class in April of 2015, they’ve trained 200+ individuals and helped in the and launching 40+ new businesses in their community.

Scholarship Funding for New Zone 18

Scholarship Funding is open through December 31, 2022 to fund scholarships granted for the 2023 Q1 Class of Emprende18.


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