Our Mission

Connecting Women to Change the World

Our Mission

We exist to… empower women in developing countries to start businesses and secure dignified employment so they can lift themselves, their families, and their communities out of poverty.

Our Vision

We envision… a movement of women around the world who end global poverty.

Our History –

The Story of The Constellation Coalition

In 2011, when founder and executive director, Ashley Johnson, was awake at 2am feeding her newborn son, her mind could not stop thinking about the mother in the Philippines who could do nothing to help her baby because she was too malnourished to nurse her baby and too poor to buy him formula, so she could only listen to him scream.

That was the catalyst for what would become The Constellation Coalition.

After years of investing in relationships in marginalized communities in Guatemala, years of child sponsorships through other nonprofit organizations, and seeing firsthand how sustainable employment can lift families out of poverty, the idea for The Constellation Coalition was born.

We believe that every woman is a star! She is fully equipped with everything she needs to shine. When the dots are connected from woman to woman, beautiful images (Constellations!) are created. Amazing stories are shared. And these constellations become guidance systems for thousands of other women.

Our focus is on helping women overcome poverty. We believe two things are key to doing so—genuine relationships and business development. We developed a unique sponsorship model that combines these components into one strategy.

Sponsorship allows women in the US to develop a friendship with a female entrepreneur in a developing country while investing financially in her entrepreneurial journey. The entrepreneur learns that she’s valuable and loved through her sponsor’s genuine care and sponsors help by unlocking the resources she needs to succeed. Imagine what could happen if this would happen thousands of times over!

We believe that when you empower women, you change the world.

We are working to rewrite the story of poverty by connecting women across the globe – a renewed story that decimates poverty! It’s never been easier to become a part of that story and change a woman’s life forever!

Our Values –
The Core of What Drives Our Work


Every person has value and we strive to restore and encourage dignity and self worth for each woman.


Giving women tools, skills, and opportunities allows them to be the solution to their own problems.


Nothing is accomplished in isolation – we can all do more together than we can apart and we need one another.


Trade, not aid, is the long term solution to global poverty through sustainable employment and entrepreneurship.

We Believe –
We Hold Fast to These Guiding Truths

We come alongside women to encourage and enable their entrepreneurial spirit and to equip and edify them and their business because we believe these things to be foundationally true…

We believe that all humans are made in the image of God. 

We believe each person is inherently valuable and should be treated with dignity.

We believe that women are often denied their intrinsic worth – we believe this should change.

We believe that relationships are the key to true and sustainable change.

We believe that through Christ-centered community we can empower women to discover and fulfill their purpose and potential.

We believe that all people are created as part of God’s plan and have a purpose within His creation.

We believe that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ redeems a creation that was corrupted through sin.  

We believe God calls us to share the Good News by being co-laborers with Him to make all things new.


The Constellation Coalition | PO Box 200, Kings Mills, OH  45034

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