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Connecting Women to Change the World

The Impact of Entrepreneurship

by | Dec 30, 2022 | Articles

Entrepreneurs are motivated by more than simply seeing their ideas come to life. They are motivated by making an impact in this world through their work. And, if that entrepreneur is a woman, that motivation is specifically driven through a vision to improve the lives of their family and their community.

I am an entrepreneur and that is my vision. It is also the vision of Tatiana, Maria, Sapana and many other women in The Constellation Coalition sponsorship program. These three women are building their businesses as a farmer, a baker, and a stylist; working through challenging conditions in developing countries around the world. Each day they wake up with a vision in their heart of what life could be like for their children, families, and communities if their income was stable and growing. They are driven by a beautiful vision of what could be for their communities to become thriving and safe places, and each day is a small step toward doing all they can to make that a reality. I am taking those same intentional steps forward too.

Research shows that women-headed households re-invest 90% of their income into their families and communities, compared to 35% contributed by male-headed households. I have seen the impact of this first hand and it is powerful.

Tatiana is my sister entrepreneur in Romania. She has worked diligently to grow her income through jewelry and soap-making in order to buy a pig and start a farm. Her transition from relying on others to provide work and income, to now building and driving her own income is exactly the cycle of entrepreneurship that changes the dynamics of a community. Beyond what Tatiana is doing to build sustainability in her work, she is also developing skills in her family and community that will continue to grow and expand her business. She is intentionally reinvesting in others through her knowledge and her resources.

Here in the United States, my business challenges are different, but my goals are the same. Impact and sustainability.

Whether it is showing my daughter how to design a presentation or enlisting my son to help pack my car with materials for an event, I am teaching as I grow, just like Tatiana. It can be easy to be dismissive of my challenges in light of what Tatiana and other women entrepreneurs are facing… until I remember that we are all on the same journey, just in different locations.

The work we do at The Constellation Coalition accelerates that entrepreneurial impact. It brings financial support for training and development, community care from a local organization, and encouragement from a sponsor invested in each woman’s success. Even as an entrepreneur myself, I have no idea what Tatiana needs to be a successful entrepreneur in her community. I don’t know how the in’s and out’s of running a small growing farm in Romania… but, our partner organization in her community does! And more importantly, Tatiana knows.

I do know that I can support her and other women entrepreneurs around the world through encouragement, prayer, and financial gifts. When we work together, our visions become reality and this is how lives and communities are changed.


Stephanie Polen Board President – The Constellation Coalition President & Founder – The Polen Group


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