Who We Are

At The Constellation Coalition, we believe that every woman is a star.  She is fully equipped with everything she needs to do what stars do best – SHINE!  When you connect the dots between women, we create beautiful pictures (Constellations!), tell beautiful stories, and become a guidance system for other women.  

We are working to rewrite the story of poverty by connecting women across the globe- a renewed story that decimates poverty! It’s never been easier to become a part of that story and change a woman’s life forever!

What We Do

Our simple mission is to help women overcome poverty.  We believe two things are key to doing that – business development and genuine relationships.  Sponsorship is the simplest way to combine these two tools into one strategy.  Our sponsorship program allows you to develop a friendship with a female entrepreneur while also funding her business training.  She learns that she’s valuable and loved through your genuine care. She has access to the resources she needs to succeed through your financial investment.

In addition to our sponsorship, we also give small grants to our ministry partners for various projects they use to grow their business development programs.

Board of Directors

Ashley Johnson

Executive Director

Ashley is a lifelong advocate for the underdog. Through child sponsorship programs, women’s mentoring, and cross cultural experiences, Ashley has come to understand the need for genuine relationship as the bridge to effective help. She has a bend toward entrepreneurship and a love of seeing new ideas and passions come to life. Over the past few years God has uniquely brought together Ashley’s value of relationships, entrepreneurship, and women’s empowerment to form The Constellation Coalition. She’s passionate to see women around the world grasp their God-given value and find hope through dignified employment. 


Stephanie Polen

Board President

Stephanie is an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate for women in the workplace. After 20 years in executive leadership roles, she started The Polen Group to help lead organizations through change by developing strong leaders. One of the programs Stephanie offers is called Unshakeable Women, which is designed to support women leaders in the United States. She believes that each one of us is uniquely created, inherently valuable, and worthy of love and respect at home, and in the workplace. 

Carol Wynn


Carol is an engineering professional who advocates for empowering women to pursue their passions and dreams.  Having worked in a historically male-dominated field for over 30 years, she loves seeing women develop, take on new roles, and accomplishing great things. Carol has witnessed the pivotal role that mentoring, advocacy, and community play in the personal and professional development of women. She earnestly believes in the power and change that begins when women speak encouragement and truth into one another. She is passionate to see women realize their God-given potential and purpose.

Sarah Zimmerman


Sarah has a deep passion for empowering individuals and partnering with communities to change from the inside out through health and her work as a nurse. She believes this change comes through relationships and sharing of skills. With partnerships in Haiti, Guatemala, and within her own backyard of Chicago, The Constellation Coalition is a natural extension of those passions with an entrepreneurial approach.

Matt Johnson

Board Member & Systems Administrator

Matt has 18+ years in leadership through nonprofit and ministry roles specializing in organizational development and administrative systems. While strategically wired, Matt is relationship driven and thrives in opportunities that help people grow through genuine connection.  He is a huge proponent of recovery, second chances, and hope for the hopeless. He currently serves as an Organizational Management consultant for nonprofits and is starting an online community for individuals struggling with their place in the current Evangelical Church movement.

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